Tuesday, May 12, 2015

California Trip

This past week we went to California to see Kara and Jordan get married. It was so fun seeing everyone and playing in the sun! We stopped in San Fransisco first to see Uncle Levi for a few days and then spent the rest of the time in Sacramento.

everyone happy so far

sonic ice

at the California Academy of Science (like the Pacific Science Center)

in the fish tunnel with Uncle Levi

she saw a catfish, so she's a cat

not sure about the fish tunnel

morning snuggles

being bounced by Aunt Kya

bathtime at Roxy's

lunch on the trampoline

bedtime at the hotel


Krissa took this picture and made this great comparison

sweet boy

swimming at Roxy's

falling asleep by the pool after a good swim

playing trampoline dodgeball

in Sacramento they have this cool climbing park called Fairytale Town with toys based on fairytale rhymes. The kids loved it, especially Nolan

climbing a turtle

Wizard of Oz



in the pumpkin coach

they climbed the cheese

Nolan did this slide about a hundred times. Seriously, a hundred

tractor riding

the "crooked mile". he kept trying to run it and kept falling into the brush. didn't seem to mind a bit.

music time

the only shot I got outside the Sacramento Temple

selfies at the Old Spaghetti Factory after the ceremony

reception time


cute shot

tempted to dive into the dry ice filled pool

dancing on stage

dancing with anyone who would dance with her

Mother's Day ride home. It started out well....

when all else fails, give him chocolate.

Spring Fair

Every year we do the fairs. We love the Spring Fair with all the cute baby animals and fun food. And we caught another sunny day!
Snow cones

ice cream

aren't you 7? Can we not eat without getting it all over??

Spring Fair duck

Spring Fair cow

listening to actual cows

Nolan loved the petting zoo goats

maybe a little too much

my friend caught this cute picture for me on the ride

Woodland Park Zoo

We had a random sunny day off so we decided to head to Seattle and explore the Woodland Park Zoo. I had only been once and no one else had so we were excited. After taking FOREVER to find a parking spot (apparently not the only ones with the brilliant sunny day= zoo idea) we were in!

by the time we got in, it was lunchtime



trying to take a selfie and not fall over while these 2 try to knock me over


Nolan loved the monkeys


my monkeys (-Elisabeth, who was done)